For a future without homeless dogs

Prunkhund is dedicated to the empowerment of dogs as family - connecting human and hound, visualizing this very special bond of unconditional love, trust and feeling home.

With every Prunkhund product you contribute to a positive change and together we create a collective awareness that dogs are not just our pets - but our family. 

We firmly believe that all dogs should be a Prunkhund one day.

That is why we are actively involved in animal welfare and we donate a meal to a dog in our partner animal home with every item sold. 

Every dog should have a home where they are safe and secure, where they can be a member of the family and where they can experience many adventures together.

We not only want to support the organizations that are changing so many lives and are slowly creating more awareness for the protection of dogs in our own country, but we also want to actively change something ourselves. 

That is why we keep taking foster dogs in our animal welfare pack so that they do not have to wait for a new home in the kennel, but in a warm home.

Our protégés

Our foster dogs take the first steps with us into a life as a Prunkhund and we are pleased that more than 30 foster dogs have found their way into a new life through our pack.

Paul, Sammy, Max, Larry, Titi, Ariel, Gustav, Tücsi, Peter, Zizi, Balou, Gregori, Happy, Polly, Lara, Cindy, Gundi, who once again turned us into foster care failures, Leon, Rugo, Robin, Alfi , Betty, who raised her 6 puppies with us: Lotti, Eros, Rosa, Trudi, Wanda and Berta, and our fearful August, Apus and the enchanting Mona and little Pippa