Prunkhund is a label for
both stylish and functional
dog supplies, manufactured
in our studio in Munich.
Our items are made to
accompany dog lovers
around the globe on
many adventures.
We think that every dog
should be a PRUNKHUND
so we support a dog in
our partner shelter with
a meal for every
product sold.

As a mother and daughter team 
we run our company together - 
with the help and support of our
amazing team!
We all do our very best to make
our clients from all over the world
happy! Always with us:
Our pack of four rescue dogs and
mostly one or more foster dogs.

Happy Shopping!
Andrea & Pia 




After working 25 years as a computer scientist Andrea founded PRUNKHUND. She is the heart of the company gathering dog lovers from all over the world. With lots of care and attention to details she and her team manufacture dog supplies both stylish and useful. Always with her: The greek rescue Otto, little Heidi and tiny WIlma.



With her mother Andrea she makes a perfect team! Responsible for the website, photos, social media and many more Pia puts all her effort in this company. Her little dog Rudi is super happy to meet his friends in the office every day.


Since 2017 Almira supports the production team with her perfect sewing skills. We are very happy that we have found her and she is part of our office crew!



Lena and her dog Gipsy recently moved to Munich and we are very happy that they are part of the team now! She works in the office and supports us with many, many tasks - from customer service to office management and puts a lot of dog love into everything she does!



Maja - pictured with her foster dog Skippy - supports the production with an eye for perfect quality! Very happy to have her! Her little son Leo is the very first baby in our office family!



Irena and her dog Ivy support our team with shipping parcels to dog lovers worldwide. They make sure everything is packed securely and will make a client happy!



Olena supports our team with sewing at home. Every time she comes to the office she will make us laugh with her positivity.


We found Otto ten years ago nearly dead living on the streets of Greece. He was nearly naked and we are so happy that he became such a healthy, beautiful boy! He loves to be as close as possible and is a lap dog - even if he is way to big for this...



After spending the first years of her life in a puppy mill WIlma was rescued and is now living the life she deserves! She is the cutest little thing on earth! #wilmania



Rudi comes from a killing station in Spain and was rescued. He is a really charming boy and everyone loves him. He is super curious and loves to be the pack leader - even if he is pretty small :)


Heidi is rescued from a killing station in Spain as well. She is a sunshine and loves every second of her day - if you ever feel sad - get a Heidi!


Peggi came with us from our partner shelter as a foster - it turned out that she was pregnant. She gave birth to little Fred and we just couldn't let one of them go. She is a precious little puppy mill survivor and living her best life now.



Fred was born in December 2018 and is living in our pack ever since. He is such a lovebomb and we can't imagine a life without him. 



In remembrance of our girl Amy - She is the reason why we started this company. It was so hard to find a beautiful collar so Andrea decided to make one herself. we had the most wonderful 15 years with you!



Thinink back to all our lovely foster girls and boys which have found a perfect forever home: Paul, Sammy, Max, Larry, Titi, Ariel, Gustav, Tücsi, Peter, Zizi, Balou, Gregori, Happy, Polly und Lara

every item is made with lots of dog love and attention to detail