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The PRUNKHUND collar RAIN made of purple biothane and metal parts in the trendy color rose gold! Super robust! For water rats, dirt finches and dirt sparrows - the new RAIN models are very stable, scratch and weatherproof. The stylish logo turns your collar into an it-piece! Envious looks guaranteed! - Dancing in the rain! - ------------- Maintenance: Never wash again! You can simply wipe the models in the Wet Wet Wet collection. But they can also be washed at 30 ° (preferably in a laundry bag). fresh water proof For your dog's safety, please check the screws regularly and tighten them if necessary!

Your Prunkhund collar

is handmade from high-quality fabrics, sturdy nylon webbing and stylish metal parts. Each collar is sewn multiple times at the important points and is therefore absolutely tear-resistant. Over time, the areas of the metal parts that are stressed by friction will darken a little. If your collar gets dirty, you can put it in a laundry bag at 30 ° C in the washing machine.

All of our webbings are made in Europe and have a tensile load of 150-400 kg, depending on the width.


Buy a collar, why actually?

For us a collar is much more than just a daily walker companion. A collar is a symbol, a sign that your dog has a loving home, that he has a full bowl and a cozy basket every day. Many dogs do not have this luxury. That is why we are committed to helping many dogs that are waiting in the shelter to find a new home. Because we think: every dog should be allowed to wear a collar, have a home and be a Prunkhund. Thank you for loving your dog - now you can both say: I will never walk alone <3


Buy a collar at PRUNKHUND

Hopefully we have now convinced you that a collar is more than just a necessity. The first collars, which were supposed to protect dogs from bears and wolves when hunting, were already in use in the 15th century. With the development of the dog from a working animal to a best friend, the collar changed more and more to a decorative everyday object that promised both belonging and security. This has continued to this day.

So why should you buy our collars? We have summarized a few points below.


Buying a collar that looks good?

Sounds simple in principle, but it turns out to be more difficult than expected. From rhinestone collars to brightly colored, paw patterns to chain collars - the range is large, but none of them suit your style. Do you prefer your collar to be stylish, classic, chic or elegant? Then you are right here!

And just because they look good, of course, the collars should also be functional, right? That is why every Prunkhund collar is machine washable.


Made in Munich

We don't believe in cheap or mass-produced goods. Therefore, all Prunkhund collars are handmade in Munich for your dog. With our team, we put everything into careful processing, high-quality materials and a family atmosphere in the middle of our rescue dog pack. We believe you can feel a little bit of it in every collar. 


Change a dog life

For every product sold, we donate a meal to a dog in our partner shelter in Hungary. In addition, there are many other activities every year with which we collect donations and support projects that help four-legged friends on their way to becoming a Prunkhund. So far we have been able to donate more than 30,000 euros to various animal welfare organizations. Because we not only love this mission but also live it, we take many foster dogs into our pack every year, who are looking for their forever home until they move into their new life. We were allowed to accompany more than 30 dogs with the first steps out of the animal shelter into a new life. Follow us on Instagram, we will be happy to take you with us and show you what a difference a Prunkhund collar and a home make. 


Choose the right collar 

First of all, you should consider what purpose your dog will be wearing the collar for. Should it be a nice collar for daily walks, city trips or going to a restaurant? In this case, all collars with a practical click buckle are suitable, they are also extra easy to put on and quick to take off. 

Would you like a trendy collar that will make it clear who the coolest four-legged friend is when you first train at the dog school? How about a monochrome collar with metal parts in the trend color rose gold or a collar in hippie chic from our Ibiza collection? Or do you prefer a very minimalistic solid black? 

Do you like walking with wild action - in the water, in the mud or on the mountain? Then we recommend our WET WET WET collection made of extra robust material. All SEA collars are even saltwater-proof with the brass metal parts. 

Do you need a particularly chic collar that goes perfectly with your wedding dress? It is and always is your greatest honor to make a collar for your big day! Classic or playful - your dog will compete with you :)

You see, there are many options. Our big goal is to offer you a handmade collar, harness and a suitable leash for all situations, which make your adventurers together even more beautiful and which are in no way inferior to your style. 


Simply wash the collar

In order to have fun with our products for as long as possible, you should wash them at a maximum of 30 degrees and avoid the dryer. We recommend that you wash your dog collar in a laundry bag to protect metal parts and the machine. In addition, you should definitely separate the laundry by color to minimize the risk of discoloration. Ultimately, it is advisable to wash your collars, leashes and harnesses regularly. Our collars can withstand this and so you prevent bacteria from spreading there.


Find your collar size easily

Are you fed up with confusing size charts? So that you can shop with us as easily as possible, we have our size guide. You can find this on the respective product page directly above the size selection. So you don't have to research the right collar size while shopping. Our collars fit almost all dogs, from Chihuahua to Great Dane, from promenade mixes to pedigree dogs - from greyhound collars to retriever collars, we have a suitable collar for every breed. You can choose the combination of width and size of your dog collar so that it is both comfortable to wear and a real highlight. The large selection of sizes and widths enables a perfect fit and high wearing comfort.


Buying a collar needs to be considered

With your Prunkhund collar, the pattern and color will certainly determine which model you will buy. We think: Most dog collars on the market are simply boring, poorly made or mass-produced - not so with Prunkhund. In our collar manufacture, we make your order with love and pay attention to small details. Whether color-coordinated webbing or sewing thread - your dog collar should be just as great as your dog.

With us you will find collars in simple and modern, but also collars in hippie style or in stylish patterns. With several collections a year, we like to orientate ourselves on the current trends in fashion and interior. Because dog things far from paw prints or rhinestones finally also match our style and make our look complete. 


What could help you in choosing the right collar? You could think about which of your clothes the collar should go with and which colors go with the rest of the outfit. Do you prefer a casual outfit for a walker or chic for a stroll through town? We have a collar for all of your adventures together! 







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