Travel diary to our partner shelter

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a trip to our partner shelter

Our trip in October 2018 was our second visit to our partner shelter in Cegléd, Hungary. So we were super happy to see the amazing team again. All the donations you have sent before are a huge help for all the dogs! The shelter owner Kata wants to send you a big thank you! All your support helps her a lot with getting the dogs fed and give them the medical care they need. Many of the dogs have lived under very bad conditions before they came here.


 In six days we have photographed over 100 dogs and took them out of the kennel to go on a short walk. Good quality photos increase their chance to find a forever family and we are super happy that some of them are already adopted! 


The small shelter team looks after approx. 300 dogs at the moment. Two times a day they feed them and clean the kennels. While cleaning, most of the dogs come into a bigger area to run around free at least for some minutes per day, but all of them need a loving home.

Since 2014 the shelter employs its own veterinarian. The dogs get castrated, vaccinated and cases of medical urgency are taken care of quickly. They also offer very cheap castrations for the dogs of the Hungarian population trying to reduce the population of street dogs and unwanted puppies constantly.

Although some dogs find their forever families in Hungary, many of them move to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The shelter works with two rescue animal organizations: 

Fellengel in Not 


Pfotenretter Ungarn

On the third day of our stay we visited a former puppy mill. The kennels were really small. They probably sold their puppies to Western Europe. The illegal puppy trade is a huge problem there. The pups are often sick and grow up under horrific conditions. Many of the mothers are used to breed for many years before they get out and mostly end up in the shelter as well.

If you consider to get a puppy from a breeder, please choose wisely, ask a lot of questions to find one who really loves and cares about his dogs.

On the last day we visited the killing station Nagykata to take photos of their dogs. Whenever Kata has a free kennel she takes over some of their dogs to increase their chances to find a home. The station has ten kennels, each one is about one square meter – way too tiny for the big dogs. Tünde, a Hungarian animal right activist, tries to find as much forever and foster homes as possible, and we are hoary that Kata and us can support her as well. Gladly we have found many foster homes for them and most of them were able to move out of these tiny kennels…

This trip was – once again – a very emotional one. It is not easy to deal with all these dogs in need knowing that you can’t help them all. Some won’t make it into a new life, some will give up, but we can help – we can foster some of them, we can try to find them homes, we can feed them together  – as we give a meal to one of the dogs with every item we sell. 

So if you support us you will support the dogs waiting for a new life – and when you see all the photos of the dogs in their new families you can’t stop smiling and you know that it is worth to fight for them!


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